Most Important Cities in the World

New York. London. Paris. Munich. Nope, we’re not talkin’ about pop music. We’re discussing something much more intriguing. What is the most-important city in the world?

Ever since Adam Smith wrote Wealth of Nations, we’ve understood that sovereign states are where it’s at, both economically and politically. Or have we? The 21st Century has seen the world’s most economically-active cities overtake countries so fast that nations are eating their dust. New York alone has an economy bigger than Canada. Osaka ranks higher than Switzerland. Paris could comfortably buy out South Africa and still have some spare change. After falling out of fashion, will city states once again be our future?


Maybe. We don’t really know (we’d be too busy rolling in our Kentucky Derby winnings to write this if we could see the future). But we think it’s important enough that we’re gonna guide you through the 10 most important cities on planet Earth right now. Some are economic giants. Others are centers of political influence that can change the direction of world events. And some are rising players that will soon be striding across the global stage. Want to be where it’s truly at in the 21st Century? Move to one of these babies, now.