How Will Kollegah – Herbst Be In The Future.

Kool Savas, Summer Cem und Eko Fresh entern die Album-Charts. It attained gold status in Germany within 24 hours after its launch for at least 100,000 units and 160,000 within a week sold and has become the first record of a German artist to peak at number one of the global album charts from Spotify Additionally, no other rap-album in Germany ever reached the Gold-status after just 24 hours.Image result for Kollegah - Herbst

From the song, they accuse Selfmade Records artists of having created the feud to the sole purpose of advertising their record; Kitty Kat also attacks Favorite by speaking to the death of his parents, who died due to a fire while camping. For me the appeal is, that the wordplays in his paths are sometimes really incredible and funny (plenty of double/triple entendres which you simply cant transalte into english).

All images Who are not brand new album art go in /r/hiphopimages. A 77-minute movie was made of Kollegah’s visit to Palestine, and as soon as it was uploaded to YouTube it moved viral, getting over 430,000 viewpoints within the initial 24 hours. Kinda disappointed with the record though, lyrics are basically the exact same every song and the beats sound very similar.

Felix Blume’s 1 father is of Canadian descent and his mother of German descent. His rapping technique is really great tho, he has an amazing double-time design and really good wordplay. Obviously I am not saying you are an embarrassing fuck, just trying to defend the guy here. On May 9, 2014, German Rapper Kollegah published his fourth solo record King.Image result for Kollegah - Herbst

In December 2016 he released his record Imperator on his own tag Alpha Music Empire. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Permit ; additional terms may apply. I dont know if you guys care but it Kollegah â–ºHerbst is a pretty big deal here in germany. It is perhaps a bit to technical for my taste but I could see why he’s considered as one of the best rappers in germany.

So I believe OP doesnt like him, because he started his career pretending to be something he’s not. His nickname Kollegah came from his Algerian stepfather. About 11 March 2009, Chronik 2 was released, an album featuring the Selfmade Records artists. In 2004 he graduated from the Herzog-Johann- Gymnasium in Simmern having an Abitur 2.

As his career went on people started to understand that this was all not entirely accurate and he was not a big time druglord/pimp/criminal (big suprise!) . From an individual standpoint, back in the day when I was kind of an embarrassing fuck with no assurance, I used to despise all of Hip Hop because I thought they were all only wannabes, however Kollegah really boosted my confidence and kind of got me into Hip Hop.

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