How Exporta Global Can Increase Your Profit!

Here at Exporta Global , we had been asked if our lattice bottomed Euro Containers were stronger than ordinary euro containers. The kits are designed for use in warehouses, factories, storerooms and light industrial components but, together with the provided Containers are manufactured from food-grade polypropylene, are equally acceptable for use in smaller industrial settings and retail outlets. Factory employees and a number of other industrial professionals can make use of these containers.

Aimed primarily at the electronics industries, these ESD euro containers are built to the same exacting footprint of our business leading lattice bottomed euro containers (the most powerful euro containers in the marketplace). Our experts in storage will be delighted to chat you through these lidded, ESD or open euro containers to assist you to get the plastic box that suits your exacting demands.

Weighing in at a not so insignificant 108 KG’s he deftly caught on top of flipped Euro Container using a lattice base. Similarly versatile are our Euro Box Kits in which we unite BiG series shelving with custom-fitting Euro Containers in a great value price. The Euro standard foot printing ensures that the containers stack economically on pallets or with other Euro containers in the scope, helping to make the most of valuable space.

Designed specifically for piling up, the industry-standard Euro Stacking Boxes are a popular supply choice because of their heavy duty construction and compatibility with conveyor systems. These containers comprise vertical sides for maximum storage, which anybody who uses them will love. Integral handles and straight-sided walls also boost internal capability and secure stacking.

The stackable Euro Box , by way of example, is offered in 3 sizes/capacities and, with no sharp edges, encourages safe handling and minimises handling risks. Euro stacking containers are plastic modular inter-stacking containers with perpendicular sides for maximum inner volume. They come with a groove at the base that fits perfectly to the very top of the one under it, meaning that the solidity of the pile is actually enhanced by cross stacking these boxes.

With every company turning over the billions that is predicted to be a huge order for one of those huge plastic container manufacturers. In the automotive industry to grocery euro pallet and clothes, these containers provide a secure base. Highly durable heavy duty Euro Container (Euro Stacking Container) vinyl box which has a 41.9L capacity.

To talk to anyone about our brand new Euro storage boxes , or indeed about any of your plastic box needs then please telephone us on 0800 294 4 394 or talk online. Made from durable food-grade plastic these containers are easy to clean and require no maintenance. Factories, warehouses, and other industrial offices might employ these stacking Euro containers.