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A cover ring (or covers band), is just a group that plays mostly or only cover songs Brand or unknown bands frequently discover the format marketable for smaller venues, such as pubs, clubs, or parks. When high profile corporate event planners are planning important events for The world’s most important corporations, they return to us time and time to hire our amazing corporate bands When it comes to live cover songs, nobody does it better than the powerhouse cover bands you’ll find right here.

When you’re looking for a cover band with endless energy, exceptional vocal talent, studio quality musicians, colorized and computerized stage lighting, Together with a boatload of personality; that produces an incredible live audio and a non stop torrent of everyone’s favorite hits – from the most current to yesterday’s faves – it’s time that you took a fantastic long look in Party Crashers That is one of these rare live performance classes that you have to see to believe.

Liquid Blue has performed in over 100 countries, holding the official world record for The World’s Most Traveled Band.” They are an incredible group with many awards to their credit including America’s Greatest Dance Band” at the National Music Awards,” Pop Album of the Year” at the Los Angeles Music Awards, and Best Cover Band” at the San Diego Music Awards.

Whether you are planning a corporate event in Cabo San Lucas , a destination wedding in the Bahamas , a major party like Harry Connick Jr’s Mardi Gras extravaganza, or even a unique celebrity New Years Eve party memorableceremoniesba in New York ; when you invite Party Crashers into the celebration, you can expect nothing less than a packed dance floor, rave reviews from the crowd, and WOW” being uttered by guests all night long.

No Limits is nothing like you have ever seen before; recognized as a world class party band With four sensational lead vocalists, a group of killer musicians, electrifying choreography, flashy moving lights, razzle-dazzle costumes, fun audience discussion, and an unceasing stream of everybody’s favourite cover songs, you can anticipate the dance floor to be jammed from edge to edge with highly excited guests.

All of our Philadelphia cover rings are both experienced and entertaining and are sure to make your event a hit. Cover bands play a large choice of hits from vintage country, hard rock, and current Top 40 hits. The Cover Band will direct the night with light, jazzy songs during dinner followed by energetic, danceable music that will bring folks with your big day.

No matter the occasion, you may rest assured that the songs sounding out via our world class PA system will be the perfect backdrop for your perfect occasion. Most cover bands will have sound clips or videos of previous performances so that it is possible to find a sense for what they offer. Metro Music Club is one of the country’s most talented bands musically and vocally.